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Dec 10, 2012 12:35am EST
television -- monday night at 8:00 eastern on the communicators. >> president obama and house speaker john boehner met at the white house today to discuss ongoing negotiations over the impending fiscal cliff. both men agree to not release details of the conversation. last tuesday, former joint chiefs chairman admiral mike mullen called on congress to avert the so-called fiscal cliff and lay a framework for a debt reduction and economic growth over the next two years. he spoke of a forum hosted by the coalition for fiscal and national security. this is about 45 minutes. >> all set? good afternoon. thank you for coming. my name is pete peterson. i want to give you first a review of our foundation and why we are supporting the project you will hear about today. starting about 30 years ago, after starting the profound demographic trend and the vast unfunded promises we had made, i decided that our projected long term, and i emphasize long-term paths were not only unsustainable but the primary threat to our future. speaking of unsustainable, in the next white house in which i served, the c
Dec 9, 2012 3:40am EST
2011. it was both sides of the held by both parties. to be blunt, the obama white house has opposed the day to act. the administration has testified against legislation. they have tried to prevent congress from passing legislation that would require the spending intermission. let's talk about the management category. that second category. the most important data in this second category is what programs does the government have? how does their performance compared to past performance? there has been more progress. congress passed the modernization act. it requires the administration to come up with a consistent list of two programs. as far as we know that is happening. it will allow us to track performance, that is great. regulation. this is a category where progress by the administration has been mixed. we have half a million datasets, many are machine readable. the most important regulatory ever mission is not being published, and the administration has not moved towards getting it published. let's take financial regulatory information. the securities and exchange commission requir
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2